Ideal Strom is a Greek company which manufactures high quality products for an ideal sleep.

The company's philosophy for 'ideal sleeping conditions', during the years of the company's establishment till today, gave the company one of the leading roles in the domestic market.

Ideal Strom is in a constant evolution phase keeping up with extra demands of the human body due to the changes of the contemporary way of living. This leads to the creation of innovative products that offer comprehensive and operational sleeping proposals.

Its high quality and techniques used in the products combined with the company’s environmental sensitivity has led to higher standard levels, where  products are now competitive in the global market.

This international recognition shows that we have achieved our goal for perfection and in the same time gives us the incentive to continue offering products that make our customer completely satisfied.

1983 : Establishment of the company  IDEAL STROM.

1983 : The first mattresses named “IDEAL STROM” are presented and soon are known to the greek market.

1987 : We present for the fisrt time in the greek market a series of mattresses with independent springs and latex.

1990 : Ideal Strom opens its fist retail store.

1994 : The company moves to its new premises at Karamanlis Avenue & Parnithos, Acharnes, Attica, extending even further its operations area and production capacity, with fully automated production process, increased by 100% per shift, being able to produce 70,000 products, quilting (mattresses, headboards, beds and blankets) per year.

2000: The desig of our products is in accordance to the quality policy of the Company and fully complies with the requirements set by the newest revision of ISO 9001.

2006 : Exclusive cooperation with the Italian production company Nottinblu Srl for the importation and distribution to Greece of the company’s folding electric beds.

2007: Exclusive cooperation with the spanish company Casanova Candia for furniture (beds, bedside tables etc).

2007: Ideal Strom innovates by presenting to the Greek market the new mattresses series MEMORY which, have as the basic characteristic of Visco elastic, an elastic material sensitive to temperature with open cells that regulates moisture, allowing air circulation. The material is recognized with the certificate OEKO - TEX 100, which prohibits or restricts the use of toxic substances. This material is classified to the highest level 1, which makes it suitable for babies and children up to two years.

2008: The greek National Organisation of Pharmaceuticals certifies Ideal Strom for 4 types of mattresses from the MEMORY series and pillows with Visco elastic Soya that are manufactured according to requirements of European legislation 93/42 EC, which regards medical devices and can be marked with the CE logo.

2008 : Change in stores corporate identity.

2009: The continuous scientific research of Ideal Stom targeting to the high quality has led once more to an innovation in the mattresses field. With the new series of Soya Bio Memory the research and development department succeeded in creating the perfect combination of materials in processing and manufacturing.

2010: Exclusive Cooperation with the Swedish company LECTUS for the representation and distribution of its products.

2012: In its efforts to create ideal hygiene conditions and matresses of the highest quality, ideal strom has pioneered washable removable covers. These fabrics, apart from the optimal visual appearance, provide the body with beneficial properties, while ensuring antibacterial and antiallergic properties.